apartment marketing ideas

You may own the best multifamily property in the city, but if no one knows about it, what good is that? Without strategic, targeted marketing and advertising, your property will go unnoticed and the number of vacancies will not decrease. Here are just a few apartment marketing ideas that can help you better market your property and increase awareness of your property in your community.

  • Determine your target audience. Keep in mind that people with steady jobs equal steady renters. Once you’ve figured out what the most stable and in-demand jobs are in your area, create a survey asking what those types of renters value most in a property. Once you’ve analyzed the results, cater your marketing strategies around those amenities, and be sure to train your staff to highlight them on tours.
  • Be smart in choosing where to advertise. It’s probable that the majority of your future renters already live in your city, so a smart apartment marketing idea is to advertise in areas that people frequently visit such as a local grocery store or public transportation lots.
  • Speaking of advertising, think beyond print media (flyers, billboards, etc.). Online advertising through Facebook or Google Adwords can usually get you a lot more exposure for less cash, not to mention the focused targeting you can do through these platforms to ensure that you pay only for relevant views.
  • A good way to connect with your community is to partner with local restaurants. For example, your property can promote them in your move-in packets and they could offer some sort of deal such as a free dinner on move-in day or a monthly coupon packet. Partnering with local businesses is an apartment marketing idea that will not only benefit you directly, but also build a relationship with business owners in your area.
  • One easy apartment marketing idea is to create an environment that is welcoming not only to guests, but to your current renters. A clever way to do this is to be mindful of the seasons. If it’s fall/winter have complimentary hot chocolate or cider in your lobby. If summer is on its way, set out baskets of mini bottles of sunblock and sunglasses with your property’s name on it (this is especially useful if you have a pool on site).
  • Another fun way to cater to both your current and potential renters is to regularly host public events. A pool party during the summer or bonfire during fall is a great way to bring your renters together and encouraging them to invite anyone they want will spread your word-of-mouth advertising. It is important to plan these events strategically. For instance, if your property is in a college town, you should throw several events in the weeks leading up to classes starting.
  • It might take some research, but improving your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will do wonders for your online presence. Strategically adding certain keywords to your website’s body copy as well as the title tags and meta descriptions will increase your chances of potential renters finding you online.

These apartment marketing ideas can all be very helpful as you try to increase occupancy.

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