1200 Unit Property Case Study

1200 Unit Property Case Study

So, here’s an email I got last week….. [The Property] had a great week last week ending with 23 Net leases and we captured another 8 net leases this weekend.  February renewals ended with 70% renewed and March renewals are still coming in currently at 54%.  We ended February with 84% occupancy and the team […]

A Fix for Low Occupancy

Can you relate to what this client told us:  “By the end of June we had spent nearly $80,000 in advertising costs. Incentives? You name it, we did it. I started thinking about how critical every lease was to this community and because of its location, we really needed consultants that could sell over the […]

2019 Doesn’t Have to Be a Bust

If you own a Class A property, chances are you’ve already seen this article in The Wall Street Journal warning about the Luxury Apartment bust on the horizon. In fact, I’m guessing I’m not the first person sending it to you. I will, however, bet that I am the first person telling you that you […]